Friday, June 5, 2015

Dugger Parents Protected The Guilty, Trivialized The Innocent

Protection of Josh Dugger Allowed Molestation To Continue

On the face of it, the decision to protect one of your children from life changing felony charges for sexual molestation of "little girls" might be difficult.  By protecting one child, Jim Bob and Michelle Dugger assured a second event:  Little girls would continue to be at risk of future "inappropriate touching" by son Josh, the predator who has no conscience.

Years later, after the statute of limitations had passed for the prosecution of the crime of sexual molestation, as well as the crime of child endangerment for which Jim Bob and Michelle Dugger were likely guilty, all three of the Duggers moralized to a nation of Christians about the evils of pre-marital sex. They remained mostly quiet on the topic of child molestation, though.

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The Duggers insist they are not mandatory reporters, a class of people including teachers, doctors and others of responsibility who MUST report molestation confessions.  While parents do not fall within this class, they do have a fundamental obligation to protect the true victims against sexual perpetrators.  The failure of the Duggers to appropriately inform the authorities meant their own daughters as well as a family friend would suffer at the hands of Josh Dugger.

Interestingly enough, the police officer, Joseph Hutchins, who the Duggers sought out to handle the investigation of Josh, is now serving a lengthy spell in prison for distribution of child pornography.  Hutchins now says Jim Bob told him Josh had only molested one little girl.  One has to wonder how many little girls it takes to be fingered in their most private parts in order for the authorities to take drastic action, but then, considering who was investigating this crime, perhaps the result was to be expected.

While it may be too late to prosecute Josh Dugger and his parents for the crimes they perpetrated against society, they will likely never earn the trust of broadcasters to parade their family in front of TV audiences as the moral example of what all families should be like.  In fact, the Duggers are one more in a line of television personalities who moralize to their audiences while committing private sins.

It is not too late for authorities to step in to protect the remaining minor Dugger children against thier parents who trivialize touching of childhood vaginas "over clothes" except on those occasions when the touching was directly with the innocence of our nation. There are 19 reasons and counting why these parents deserve to lose the right to parent their children.

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This crime of robbing the innocence of defenseless children has sullied more than just the Dugger's "19 and counting".  After Fox News promised there would be no passes in the interview by their reporter, Megyn Kelly, by the end of the interview, it was clear the Duggers had chosen Kelly for the same reasons they had chosen officer Hutchins.  Clearly, the Duggers were looking for another pass, and Kelly gave it to them.

For years, Fox News has espoused the conservative line, while their reporters have given conservative personalities far more grace than they ever deserved.  Kelly's gentle nature allowed Jim Bob and Michelle to trivialize the sexual molestation of their own children so the Duggers could perpetuate their fame and fortune on a reality show.  The actions of the Dugger parents are as dirty and disgusting as Josh's nasty fingers...or at least a close second.  Thanks, Fox News!

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