Friday, December 26, 2014

"The Interview" A Riot, But Was America Honeypotted?

Sony Pictures "The Interview" is an absolute, though perhaps, risque, riot.  The movie tells the story of a television talk show host who has an opportunity to boost his ratings by interviewing the reclusive leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un.

To every one's surprise, Kim Jon Un appears as an insecure but very personable human being unlike the god-like and unforgiving supreme being the talk show host and his producer have been led to believe they will meet.  Soon after arrival in North Korea, the audience is given the hope there might be a future left for humanity after all, if the two cultures could only understand one another.

The comedy team of Seth Rogen and James Franco pack in the laughs as they poke fun at more than just the "Supreme Leader" of an isolated nation with it's finger on the button which if pushed will result in mutual assured destruction through nuclear holocaust.  The comedy team takes square aim at gays, Jews, women, minorities, the CIA and human sexuality, all with equal abandon.

The film pens a term "honey potting" as a certain sucking up of the fairer sex to get what they want from an often naive male class.  The term is confused with "honey combing" and "honey dicking" for gay males who fall for the same basic tactic.

However, one must wonder, if perhaps it was the American public who got honey-potted.  The cyber attack against Sony Pictures brought defenders out of the woodwork including President Barack Obama and theater goers singing "God Bless America."  Even the F.B.I. got into the act, previewing the movie so they could learn how to manage cyber-criminals.  The movie has been a sellout everywhere it played and the home revenues are not yet tallied.  But no one has pinned the cyber attack which led Sony Pictures to initially cancel the airing of the film on North Korean hackers.  If it turns out the "cyber attack" on Sony Pictures was accomplished as an in-house event for publicity, it will go down as one of the most successful publicity stunts in the history of film.


The film opened on Christmas day in over 300 theaters, with an in-home release via Google Play, YouTube Movies, Microsoft Xbox Video, with a possible deal with Netflix in the works.

Just in case Kim Jon Un is as crazy as they say, this is a movie all patriotic Americans should see.  If North Korea retaliates against such a scandalous portrayal of their God-like leader, at least a lot of people will have had a laugh at a truly sad situation, a basic lack of understanding between people who poop and pee just like everyone everywhere.  Sometimes the best diplomacy is accomplished through laughter and seeing each other as stuck on one planet where no one is perfect.

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