Tuesday, January 26, 2016

#beablackburnranger2016 Tim Paynter

Hi, all, I am trying out for #beablackburnranger2016. This is a brand ambassador for the bicycle accessories company, Blackburn Design. Each year, as a way of giving a little back to the community, Blackburn Design selects 6 people to represent them as brand ambassadors.

 I think I would be a great brand ambassador because I am a fanatic about bicycle riding and bicycle touring. In fact, this year, I took a long distance trip over Vail Pass to the hot spring city of Glenwood Springs

 Colorado has been a great leader in creating safe spaces for bicycle riders. I would like to advocate for all bike riders in creating a national system of routes and trails made just for the wheels of the non-motorized community. That includes skateboarders, kayakers, fishermen, and of course, all forms of two and three-wheel transportation. 

Whether or not Blackburn chooses me, I will do the same things. I will be "out there" in the land I love, living life. To me, that is a lot more important than using my right hand to click a mouse, while the rest of my body withers.  However, as a journalist, getting the nod from Blackburn Design will help me gain a bigger voice in advocating for the community.

While I am on the topic of advocating, I got a nice note from the Warm Showers community.  They are a non-profit organization which encourages members to offer their homes to touring cyclist.  The word is touring, this is not Motel 6.  Instead, Warm Showers is a chance for touring cyclist to meet advocates for the sport.  It is not just riding a bike through spectacular country that counts, it is the people you meet along the way.  Everyone has a story.  I would like to tell many of yours.

Please let Blackburn Design know you think I will make a good ranger candidate.  Through my years I have advocated for many causes, but I am the worst at advocating for myself.  I need your help to do that!  Please help me share the attached photograph.

Please share!  Thanks!
My best wishes to all the people who apply to be Rangers.  Each deserves this great chance.  Each of us wants to be "out there", going farther, doing more and being prepared for anything.  Each of us seeks to advance the sport of bicycle touring!

My Blackburn Ranger 2016 video is Here.

You can check out the Warm Showers program Here.

You can check out the Adventure Cycling Association Here.

You can APPLY to #beablackburnranger2016 Here.

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