Friday, July 3, 2015

ICE Agents Bust Coke Ring, But No Immigrants

While most people believe ICE is only interested in immigrants, most people would be wrong.  ICE, as a department of Homeland Security, is interested in the safe keeping of all America.  That includes drug rings selling cocaine to citizens.

According to the Daily Herald, Randy Lynch, a businessman from Hollister, North Carolina, was arrested for drug trafficking.  Lynch is the owner of a salvage business as well as a bar-b-q business in Hollister.

During the raid, carried out by the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations and the Vance County Sheriff's Office in cooperation with ICE, Lynch's businesses and home were searched.  These included Lynch's Bar-B-Q and Grill and Lynch's Salvage.  The latter business is located in Warren County.

Lynch is accused of trafficking 7 kilograms of cocaine which amount to about 15 pounds of addictive substance.  Lynch is being held on 1 million dollars bond while his case winds through the legal system.  All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty.  However, Lynch has reportedly been on law enforcement radar for some time, according to the Herald.

Many people wish ICE would spend more time going after drug dealers and less time chasing poor people.  Drug dealers represent a significant threat to the youth of the nation.  Other countries say, if the U.S. could reduce demand, illicit industries in central and South America would dry up.

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