Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Republican Greed Says Hell No To Dream Act, Don't Ask Don't Tell

Tax Cuts For Millionaires

The Injustice Of Democracy

When senate Republicans signed a "No Vote Pact" in which they refused to vote for social issues during the Lame Duck session until tax breaks were given for multi-millionaires, they defined a party far out of touch with the rest of American culture.  While many middle class couples could see how a $250,000 joint income can qualify as "middle class", not many can see how an income of a million dollars qualifies as the same.  Clearly, Republicans don't represent the middle class anymore.

At stake are three critical bills.  The repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, the Dream Act, and a Start treaty to reduce nuclear proliferation.  None of these issues are as important to Republicans as getting an extension of Bush era tax cuts on incomes from $250,000 to $1,000,000.  It is the sign of the new ugly American.  The super wealthy pushing their weight around until they have sated their greedy appetites on the backs of the tax paying public.  Once they get what they want, which appears to have happened today, then perhaps they will consider the "other issues".

Jessica Olivas, an immigrant rights activist, helps the local students organize in San Antonio, Texas.  15 students were arrested.  Some have been on hunger strike for 27 days.
After securing more money for opulent lifestyles, it looks as if the Republicans will never share.  Don't Ask Don't tell might come up for serious consideration.  The Start treaty to prevent the world from being blown into a billion pieces is most likely to get attention.  Alas, the Dream Act, in which children of undocumented immigrants ask for a chance to go to school, is the least likely to get the Republican nod.  Those who have more than enough are not willing to let others have anything, lest in some remote way, it cost them a centavo.

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