Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Eye Resist Sends Carter and Astrid for Colorado Asset!

Carter y Astrid with

Listen as two well informed students talk to Tim Paynter and Manuel "El Rehy" about Colorado Asset to send the studentds of undocumented children to college!  These are some of the in-takes and out-takes!  Enjoy!

It is unfair to penalize the child of an undocumented worker just because they happen to be undocumented.  Most children were brought here when they were very young, some so young they don't remember making the trip!  To penalize them is to force children to pay the price for administrative violations which their parents may have done years before.  We don't hold people's children hostage in a civilized society!

But passage of Colorado SB 126 is even more important for the average tax payer because it will add to the bottom line of colleges.  When a similar law was passed in Texas, the net tuition fees for state schools increased by $17,000,000 dollars.  That is 17 million reasons why we should pass this critical legislation!

Astrid and Carter ask you to call your legislators and let them know what you think!

Thanks to Eye Resist and other organizations the youth of undoucmented immigrants might have a chance in Colorado!

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  1. Imgaine putting $17 million into state coffers at a time when schools are facing huge budget cuts! The diversity will be good for all students, as well. This is a great proposition in my book!


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