Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Benefit Concert and Family Fun Day in Support Of The Nina 7

Seven People Are Stranded At Sea

There is rocking good time coming this weekend!  If you miss it you will really be missing something!

The Nina is a 1928 schooner that went missing in the Tasman Sea.  Aboard are seven intrepid sailors who need your help.  The rescue authorities have given up the ghost, which is not unusual for rescue organizations.  Sailors know they only get so much searching on the government dime and then they are on their own.

The families of the seven sailors are holding events in Lafayette, Louisiana, and Nebraska this week end to see if they can save the seven lives.

An organization called Texas Equusearch is advising the families on the best way to do the search.  So far, they have been, for the first time even, able to task a satellite over the Tasman Sea.  They enlisted Digital Globe and an organization called Tomnod.  

The site called Tomnod is a social web site where people come to help in searches.  In the Nina case, they search for a yacht or a life raft.  When enough people pin enough tags on the yacht or life raft, the information is sent to the search coordinators who then send out a plane to look for the object found.

Maybe you can find the Nina or the raft.  If you do, fame will come your way!  

Right now, preparations are being made for a great time in Lafayette!  This is a wonderful chance to stand by a community and stand by seven sailors who need your help!

You can find search updates at

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