Saturday, April 12, 2014

SOS Venezuela, #prayforvenezuela A Country and Her People Cry For Help

A Country and Her People Cry For Help

Videos smuggled out of Venezuela and made available for download show Venezuela imploding.  Some of the videos show government forces brutalizing citizens.  Others show citizens out of control.  All of the evidence adds up to a country exploding from internal violence against a failed state which has broken it's promises to the people.

It is hard to imagine a society in which a shred of toilet paper is a rare commodity.  When the reality strikes home, as only one symbol of basic necessities unmet, life takes a drastic turn.  In Venezuela, people are desperate for necessities which include food.  Some people report waiting 8 hours just to buy rice.

While a government in panic may need to take extreme measures, there is a limit how far any government should go.  The suppression of free speech and the use of government troops to brutalize the opposition are steps too far.  A legitimate government cannot violate the population and remain legitimate.  The videos of officials pummeling protesters is an indication of how far out of control the state is, let alone the people.

While we have confidence in the source of these videos, we are unable to verify their authenticity.  They were sent to us marked as "evidence" and we suspect they are valid.

SOS Venezuela is one of the phrases being used by citizens to ask for help.  While various factions have their own view on the best way forward for Venezuela, one message is clear:  What has been transpiring represents a nightmare for people who deserve better.

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