Friday, September 12, 2014

Rhian Sugden, Balls, Sexy Panties and Cancer

The Male Cancer Awareness Campaign launched a controversial film short depicting a drop-dead female in  black sexy underwear who touches herself "down there" on camera and then pulls from her panties a set of hairy testicles.  She then pulls the testicles to eye view and shows men how to check themselves for the deadly testicular cancer.

The model is Rhian Sugden and the event photographer was Rankin.  JWT London created the ad.  The Executive Director was Russel Ramsey.  The Creative Director was Jason Berry.  The Art Director and copywriter were Kevin Masters and Miles Bingham.

Testicular cancer is a topic men, aged 18 and older, have difficulty talking about.  The Male Cancer Awareness Campaign says testicular, bowel and prostate cancers often can be beat with early detection.  Thousands die each year mostly because they don't know the signs.

Skip the skivvies in support of the fight against male cancer

The MCAC says, 

"Near Naked Man is the champion for MCAC’s campaign to combat the embarrassment that prevents men from discussing their bodily functions and getting tested for prostate cancer.

We want to reach a mass audience of men and those who care about them - whatever their age, culture, religion or sexuality. If we can get the message across to younger men then perhaps they’ll remember it when they’re older and recognize the early warning signs in their older friends and relatives."

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