Friday, December 19, 2014

Dick Cheney Does Not Care We Tortured Innocent People

Most people would have a problem the U.S. has been involved in torture.  Dick Cheney not only has no problem with torture, he is fine with torturing innocent people.

In Nazi Germany, they didn't care much about their methods because they were sure to win the war.  We know what happened at Nuremberg to many of those Nazi perpetrators after they lost the war.  They were hanged until dead.

Dick Cheney thinks Americans are safer by using tactics that violate human and civil rights.  War crimes are not war crimes when we have an undeclared war.  America is in the right to protect her "homeland", a name penned during the Bush administration which sounds a lot like the "fatherland" of dictatorial regimes of years gone by.

The people who committed the torture should be treated with impunity according to the pro-torture camp.  They don't see how the methods used outside of the country, and even within the country, considering a military base is considered "American territory" while it is under the control of the U.S. military, affect the way Americans will be treated when captured.  Cheney and his supporters have thrown the principles of the Geneva Convention out the window and placed our people at risk of retaliatory treatment.

The way we treat citizens of other nations affects the way America is viewed by other nations.  It is fine for the most powerful country in the world to violate notions of human decency and fair treatment, but countries of lesser power cannot do the same?  On what moral ground can we complain about torture perpetrated upon U.S. citizens when the most powerful people in America support torture?

We have been on a path in which America, as a world leader, sets the pace for how "detainees", prisoners of war, should be treated.  Our own soldiers will no doubt face similar abuses.  When they do, you can be sure Dick Cheney will be first in line to call foul.

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