Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Obama Equates Plannned Parenthood Shooting To Terrorist

Robert Lewis Dear, of Hartel, murdered 3 and injured
9 others during a shooting spree in Colorado Springs, Colorado
Paris, France, December 01, 2015 - "We have the power to do more to prevent gun homicides," President Obama said at a press conference in France during the conference on global climate change.

 "In the end of the day...Congress, states, local government will have to act to prevent persons who are deranged from getting weapons," the President said.

President Obama noted, Planned Parenthood, in some cases is the only organization which provides care to women.

"We can have a debate about abortion," the President said.  "I think it is fair to have a legitimate, honest debate about abortion.  How we talk about it, making sure we talk about it honestly, not demonize it," the President noted, will have an important impact on the result of this national debate.
"It is important in how we talk about organizations like planned parenthood, not demonize it," the President said.

The President's remarks may be hinting at the role right-wing rhetoric played in inciting the Colorado Springs shooter, Robert Lewis Dear.  NBC reported Dear as saying "No more baby parts", shortly after the shooting.

The President indicated shootings like the Planned Parenthood shootings don't happen in other countries.  The U.S. must take steps to ensure proper gun control comes to pass.

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