Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fat Cat Elephants In Texas, Louisiana and Washington Oppose Immigration

Rep. Luis Gutierrez, Others Oppose HALT

The HALT Act is an ugly law written by the same conservative hacks who decry mom and apple pie. The law makers standing behind the HALT Act are the same generous souls including Rep. Lamar Smith (D-TX) who is the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and Sen. David Vittner, (R-LA) who oppose anyone who does not look just like them. Please notice, the guys who oppose the very foundation of our country, which is our diversity, are sure enough, ahem, Republicans.

That is really sad. After voting to grant every man who can squeak out a million bucks net income a break of an extra million dollars, these are the same guys who now bring us the bad news: Everyone who does not make a million bills a year must take it on the chin. For guys who are out-of-touch with US society, I have some news. The hardest hit will be the real small businessmen and the workers in our country.

The Republican Party used to be a party that supported freedom and the small businessman. While definitions change from time to time, this is nuts! Any one who thinks the average small businessman nets a million bucks is smoking too much Mary Jane. Since most businesses are lucky to net 20% on gross earnings, that means the small businessmen the Republicans gave the tax breaks to had to be making over 20 million a year! But I digress.

Here we have the billionaire boys club, fat as a well-fed elephant, playing politics with the lives of those who came to this country so they could put food on the table for their children. It is these hard workers who keep our food prices down and who provide a fair amount of the labor needed to operate the country. Since most of the overweight elephants have little desire to send their kids to the fields instead of to college, it is sheer mean thinking to exclude the next generation.

It is time we challenge the "traditional" notions about undocumented immigrants. First, most undocumented people don't work in the fields, though most people who work in the fields are undocumented. Second, none, I mean NONE, of the 911 terrorists came across the Southern border to the US. Third, the children of undocumented immigrants could provide a future for our country, just as the children of immigrants have provided a great past, if we let them stay.

In fact, it would not surprise me if one of these bright young people finds a cure for cancer or AIDS or "invents" the internet. You just never know. At the very least, immigrants will make up a critical part of the work force needed to keep an aging crop of baby boomers happy in their old folks homes and their mansions on the Rio Grande. (How about the Rio Bravo?)

One thing is for sure, you will hear the bellowing from the fat cats, or maybe fat elephants, when Americans get soaked for the cost of new technology. If we continue deporting the future of America, the patents for the cures or the processes or the new technology won't be filed in the US. Instead, after educating immigrant youth, and after deporting the people who could make great positive changes in our country, we will pay a hefty price as those same youths compete against us. The patents, the processes, the future of these young people will belong to a country that benefits from too much hot air from Washington, Texas and Louisiana.

Senator Luis Gutierrez and ten other law makers think it is time to quit deporting immigrants until Congress finds the backbone to fix our broken immigration system by passing Comprehensive Immigration Reform CIR.  They especially support a presidential order to cease deporting Dream Act eligible youths. These law makershey have written President Obama supporting the president and opposing the HALT Act (H.R. 2497). You can read their letter HERE.

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