Saturday, May 11, 2013

Guns and Tear Gas Found At Airport


Pistol found at San Francisco Airport First Week May 2013

Denver, Co.  Airline passengers carry the strangest things sometimes.  Most people know they are likely to pass through a scanner so sensitive the person monitoring that scanner will see every intimate detail of the passenger's most private spaces, or is that "parts".  If they can see how big or small a man is,  I presume you follow what I mean, the average clown should deduce the TSA agent is going to see something generally much larger, like a pistol.  Yet, this week alone, TSA screeners found a record 50 guns, 45 of which were loaded!

How to board an airliner with a firearm and not get arrested

At Denver, International, for example, a stun gun and a deadly sword were found in the possession of two different passengers during the week.  We are not sure what excuse the person with the stun gun had, but apparently, the female passenger carrying the concealed dagger big enough to make the Emperor of Japan proud, didn't even know the cane she carried concealed the sword.  At least that is what the passenger said.

 Two cannister of black powder weighing a pound each

were found at the Honolulu, HI TSA checkpoint.

When traveling by airline, it is your obligation to know what is concealed in your things.  It is also your obligation to 'not forget' when carrying something that could be taken from you and used to turn an airplane ride into a nightmare.  That includes any kind of teargas, weapons, bullets, gun powder and belt knives, all of which were found during this past week at International Airports around the country


The cane on the far right and the belt knife on the left were found at Denver, International, this week.  The dagger at top was found at Washington, Dulles, International, one of the brass knuckle knives was found at LaGuardia in New York and Salt Lake City international.  The dagger was found at Denver.


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These items are considered in your possession even if they are in your luggage.  While you may be able to carry some of the items in your luggage, so long as you declare them to the airline, other items are just better left with your spouse where they will be safe.  That is a good way for the passenger to avoid spending hours in an airport holding cell waiting to explain how it is he or she was in possession of deadly items at a sensitive point like an airport.

The NEX 7 Is A Killer Camera!

If these are your kind of toys, leaving these things at home is also a good way to keep your fellow passengers from hating you for sending TSA staff into panic.  Long delays for everyone are not unusual when explosive material and hand guns are found.  Photos courtesy of the TSA and some fairly forgetful or foolish passengers.

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