Saturday, June 1, 2013

Russia Slows Delivery Of High Tech Missles To Syria

What should Israel do if Russia sends Syria the S-300? Many experts think Russia's objective is to keep the West guessing.


The Russian controlled state media says Russia has not delivered the high tech missiles it promised to Syria.  The report is based upon an arms industry source who indicated the missiles had not been delivered.  Further, the source claims, Russia may not deliver into Syria hands their most advanced weapon technology for months.

The S-300 missile is incredibly sophisticated.  It would require Soviet specialists to man the missile operation until Syrian troops learn how to operate the system.  Israel has promised a preemptive strike if the missiles are deployed.  That pits Russian troops against Israeli troops, thus escalating the war.  Most analysts believe it does not serve Russia, nor any country, to escalate the war to that level.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad insists the country already has the s-300, according to Reuters.

The S-300 is not the only Russian surface to air missile in Syria.  The Syrian military possess a healthy array of SAMs that are likely to be lethal and effective in defending the country.

One must also wonder if Russia wants weaponry as sophisticated as the s-300 to leave Russian control, though it is likely not the first time.  Once out of their hands the weapons could fall prey to anyone, perhaps even one day being turned on the country which made them.  At the same time, Russia wants Syria to resolve it's problems without intrusion from outside sources including the United States.

Meanwhile, Russia has a new line of missiles called the S-400.  The country is reportedly working on an even more sophisticated system called he S-500.

The article source for this information includes the Voice of America.


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