Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Snowdan Falls For Russian Ploy


Is this man guilty of espionage?

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A top level analyst who could wire tap the president has placed himself in Russian hands.  Presumably, Craig Snowden was to leave for Havana today.  However his seat on the aircraft bound for Havana went vacant.  It is unknown whether Snowden has been detained by the Russians as they consider extradition by the US or if Snowden is now finding out why the U.S. has a spy program.

If Snowden is subject to "methods" to extract the information he knows, this top level NSA analyst will have put the entire US surveillance program at risk.  Years of infiltration and information gathering systems will be lost.  As Snowden says, in a single afternoon, he may have shut down CIA operations for the most powerful nation on Earth.

While we applaud the whistle blowing by Snowden so the American people are at least aware of the level of information being kept by the NSA, it is his other actions which cause us great alarm.  The NSA is charged with keeping information on foreign threats.  Yet, Snowden showed the NSA grabbing the cell phone records of thousands of Americans, clearly not foreigners, and clearly more information than the government needs to protect us from terrorists threats.

Edward Snowden NSA informer Fox News Photo


Should Snowdan be found guilty of espionage for:

1.  Taking state secrets to Russian and Chinese hands?

2.  It is not important what Snowden planned to say or not say to the Russians and the Chinese. 

By simply placing himself as a high level operative into their hands, he effectively compromised the entire intelligence network.  The Russians can get information from Craig Snowden using the same 'non torture' tactics used by the US to extract information.

3.  Snowden may have cut a lucrative deal so he would profit from telling all he knows.  It would avoid the unpleasant extraction methods.

4.  The Chinese are waging a financial war against the U.S.  While their army is growing, they also use the money they have made from the trade with the United States to manipulate governments into opposing U.S. goals.  They also are acquiring assets around the globe which will be critical for the growth of every nation.  It is not believed the Chinese are acquiring assets as investments.  Rather, they are acquiring them for domestic consumption.  These assets include oil, uranium and precious minerals.

Being a whistle blower is one thing.  Giving other countries the layout of our intelligence network is another!

If Mr. Snowden is correct in his assertions, we suggest he return to the U.S. and face whatever charges may be leveled against him.  

At this point, Snowden has been delayed for so long one MUST presume Snowden is telling everything he knows.  He may be speaking willingly and for compensation.  He may be speaking under duress.  However, one cannot assume this top level analyst could disappear into the Russia system and say nothing.  Russia claims he has not crossed their border.

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