Saturday, February 28, 2015

Jessica Hernandez Autopsy Contradicts Police Statements

Photo From the Denver Post
An autopsy performed by the Denver Medical Examiner with Denver Police present as witnesses, shows Jessica Hernandez was shot while the officers were on the Driver's side of the vehicle and hit the 16 year old youth at least three times, possibly four.  The examination presumably refutes the testimony of officers who claim Hernandez was attempting to back into one of the officers.

An even bigger surprise is the stance each officer must have taken during the shooting.  Two of the bullets penetrated the tiny body of Hernandez, only 60 inches tall, seated in a late model sedan.  The bullets entered the youth's body from left side to right side, in an upward trajectory. 

At least one more bullet entered the youth's body, but took a higher-to-lower trajectory.  This third bullet entered Hernandez's upper left pelvis and exited eventually through her right thigh.  The bullets were not shot at close range because there was no evidence of gunpowder residue.

Denver Police claim Hernandez was backing into one of the officers so the officers shot her in self defense.  However, since the three shots were made from the driver's side of the vehicle, it is difficult to argue the teen was trying to run the offices over.  They could not have been both behind the parked vehicle and on the right side at the same moment.
Likely, though, one of the officers was crouching near the ground, as the trajectory of two of the bullets were fired upward, one below the lower 6th rib, and a second even lower, and from behind.

The autopsy ruled the death a homicide which, contrary to sensationalist headlines, means little.  Homicide is the killing of one human being by another.  Murder is the wrongful killing of one human being by another.  The Medical Examiner's report did not find a murder had occurred, nor did it exonerate the officers involved.  The ultimate verdict may be rendered in a court of law, or by the Denver Police investigations bureau if it finds the shootings were justified.

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