Saturday, October 24, 2015

Discrimination Complaint Filed Against GOP Debate

Jeanette Vizguerra

Geez Louise.  I thought discrimination was something in the past!

I used to be a member of the Young Republicans when I was a youth.  Today, I am stunned the GOP Press Credentials Committee is excluding us from the debate.  Worse, they are refusing to communicate with us, which is a tactic of minimizing.  If you ignore the minority voice, you are saying that voice does not matter.

I applied for credentials for myself and my co-host on the radio program, Un Dia Sin Fronteras on 1150 AM radio.  The application was with the GOP Press Credentials committee.  I hold a valid press pass from the Colorado Broadcasters Association.  I have been a host of the radio program Un Dia Sin Fronteras for nearly 5 years on Spanish radio, 1150 AM in Denver, Colorado.

The GOP credentials committee said they would notify us "shortly" after the close of business on October 21st, 2015.  Despite multiple emails to the committee, despite emails to event representatives Jennifer Dauble and Ryan Huff, we have not heard a single word about whether we will be granted credentials.

The committee is using silence to say we, as Spanish-speaking media don't count.  It is the most vile form of discrimination.  

"I am not discriminating against you, I am simply ignoring you."

Of course, some Spanish media somewhere no doubt has gained access to the event, so the GOP will say it is not discriminating.  The fact is, when you exclude media which is likely to speak the truth about the debates, you are discriminating.

The University of Colorado would like to be known for a first class campus where events like the Republica GOP debate can be held. In reality, if the University takes no action in this matter, it might be better known as an institution which supports discriminatory practices against the minority voice.

We filed a discrimination complaint with the on-line office of Institutional Equality Compliance which manages discrimination complaints on the University of Colorado campus.  We are optimistic the University will step in to prevent this rampant discrimination by the GOP Debate Credentials Committee.  If the University refuses to get involved, saying "we are not in charge", it will be the same action taken throughout history by people who stand by while discrimination is passing.  The parallells in history are frightening!

We ask you to take action to contact the GOP, the Univesity, CNBC and others to tell them discrimination is unjust and must be stopped!

Tell them Tim Paynter and Jeanette Vizguerra from the radio program Un Dia Sin Fronteras should be allowed the same access as all other journalists to cover the Republican debate on the C.U. Boulder campus!

Here is the email of the press credentials committee: Please copy and paste and send them a message to stop discrimination against Spanish-speaking programs like Un Dia Sin Fronteras on 1150 AM radio in Denver, Colorado!

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