Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fox Cuts Republican Debate to 8, Christie and Huckabee Out

Fox Business Network announced the debate has been narrowed to 8 candidates. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee have been moved to the lower tier of candidates. South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham and former New York Gov. George Pataki are out of the debates completely.

The new Fox Business Network lineup is as follows:

Businessman Donald Trump
Dr. Ben Carson
Florida Sen. Marco Rubio
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush
Businesswoman Carly Fiorina
Ohio Gov. John Kasich
Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul

Surprisingly, many pundits thought both Lindsey Graham and George Pataki performed well in the last debate, while especially Donald Trump performed in a lackluster manner, followed by Dr. Ben Carson.  If those pundits are correct, winning the debate is not necessarily what determines the next front runner.Trump has been flailing in the polls all week, though some recent polls put him as the front runner once again.  

Marco Rubio takes the third seat, though he is far behind both Trump and Carson.  Former Gov. Jeb Bush says he is not dropping out and insists the country, or at least the Republican Party, will soon come to its senses, despite having little support.The next presidential election will likely be one of the most partisan elections for many years.  

The only Republican candidate who holds a candle for the immigrant population is Jeb Bush.  All of the candidates appear to lean to the conservative side on a range of social issues from gay marriages, abortion, marijuana legalization to hawkish dealings with other countries.  Trump says he is going to build a grand wall on the Southern border of the U.S. and force Mexico to pay for it.  Sen. Ted Cruz says liberal media should be banned from hosting a conservative Republican debate.

Based upon the refusal of the GOP media credentials committee, which would not admit the immigrant friendly radio program, Un Dia Sin Fronteras from 1150 AM radio, into the Boulder Colorado debate, the GOP is sending clear signals about how exclusive it plans to be should its candidate win the White House.

"When the GOP Credentials Committee would not communicate with us about refusing us credentials, I filed a discrimination complaint with the University of Colorado," said talk show host, Tim Paynter.  "The University at least answered us, saying too many reporters applied, but all races were represented."  Paynter says the GOP credentials committee has yet to answer him.


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