Friday, November 13, 2015

Terrorists Hit Multiple Sites In Paris, Copycat Attacks Feared

Terrorists hit at least four "soft" targets in Paris, tonight.  The death toll now exceeds 153 persons.  Authorities are on guard for copy-cat attacks in other places.

Already, speculation is, ISIS is behind the attacks.  The speculation is based upon the nature of the attacks, completely indiscriminate, rather than targeted towards a specific religious group.  However, the speculation remains unconfirmed.  Authorities are overwhelmed attempting to sort out exactly what happened and who is behind it.

The basics are, shooting broke out in a variety of locations mostly at the same time.  The worst casualties were at the Bataclan Theater where an American band was playing.  The shooters seemed only interested in body count, not hostages for ransom or political demans, as the shooters summarily executed concert goers.

At another location, the Cambodian Restaurant, a witness said she found herself on the floor after a window shattered and shots rang out while she was inside.  The witness found herself holding onto the hand of a fellow patron of the bar.  When she looked up, she found the patron whose hand she was holding with a bullet hole in her chest.  The witness does not know if the female patron died.  The witness heard the shooters pause to reload over a 2 or 3 minute period, then spray the venue again.

A bomb went off at an international soccer game at the State of France sports stadium.  Most people seemed unaware what the noise was and the match continued.

French borders are closed.  The City of Paris is expected to be a ghost town tomorrow, as authorities attempt to make sense of the madness.

Information for this article was obtained from CNN, the Voice of America, the Daily Mail, and Slate and Billboard Magazine.  Most photos are from Slate.

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