Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Now You Can Drive A Porche Boxster Too!


Why Donate To The Goodwill?

I was at the Goodwill in Glendale, Colorado.  I spotted a Porsche Boxster in the parking lot!  Wow!  I always wanted one of those but could never afford one.  Then I started to wonder, who was driving that car?  So I waited outside to find out.

A few minutes later a gorgeous young gal came sashaying out of Goodwill, got into her new boxster and drove away!  When she spotted my camera she hit the gas!  You can hear her racing through the gears as she races down the street and turns the corner, barely stopping for the stop sign.


Porsche Boxer 2013  $49,950.00

When she goes to parties I bet her friends are green with envy!  
"Wonder where she bought that dress!" one might think.  
"Wow, wish I could afford a dress like that one!" Another might say.
 Little do they know, the dress probably cost $40 bucks at the used clothes store, bed bugs and all!

I wish this person the best as I wish all people the best.  I never resent people because they have more than me or have been more fortunate than me.  Instead, I hope a long lost rich uncle will remember me one day.  Not going to happen!  At least I know where the rich go shopping!

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