Monday, May 20, 2013

Rights For All People a Big Splash on Un Dia Sin Fronteras, Podemos Mejorar

Denver, CO.   Elizabeth Hammel gave a good run down on the immigration reform plan in front of Congress.  Hammel is an organizer of Rights For All People (RAP) or Derechos Para Todos, in Spanish.  Hammel appeared on the radio program Un Dia Sin Fronteras/Podemos Mejorar with Tim Paynter and Willie Rouge.


According to Hammel, over 300 proposed amendments are in front of Congress.  There are so many amendments it is hard to keep up with them.  Some amendments would prevent immigrants from ever becoming citizens.  Others would expand the Dream Act to include people who go to school but miss the arrival deadline requiring they arrived in the U.S. before age 16 and are not over the age of 30.


Hammel said RAP is a local organization in Aurora, Colorado, which works mostly on local issues affecting the immigrant community.  For example, RAP went to bat for immigrants with the Aurora Police Department, seeking to end the arrest for driving without a license which leads to many deportations.  Most citizens only get a ticket for the same offense.

While local issues are important, Hammel said the most important issue to RAP members is immigration reform.  Hammel and other organizers work with a team of immigrants and allies to insure just treatment in the legal and civil systems.

Hammel said RAP is seeking new members and the price is right.  A small $15.00 donation is all it takes to become a member.  Anyone can join.  Hammel asked people to call the RAP office at 1400 Dayton St. Denver, CO 80010 for more information or an opportunity to become a member.  Please call 303-893-3500.  Tell 'em you heard it from Tim Paynter!

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